ENTHROWN offers fully custom gear options with *no order minimums* !

Here in the design lab, we work to turn your ideas into reality. Using our latest generation of gear, we Draft & Craft some of the cleanest custom pieces around, all according to your personal input.

This isn't your average "drag and drop" generator for custom gear. Through our design lab division, each project is assigned a specialist from our team. The project specialist will guide you through the process and create a custom layout tailored to your vision. From concept to final product, Your specialist will work to ensure the results exceed all expectations.

See below tabs for additional details, and to start your Enthrown Design Lab Project!

Start Your Custom Project!

Please see the "Pricing & Availability" / "Production Details & FAQ" tabs below for more information.


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All of our full custom projects begin with graphic design, which is dedicated to developing a product render and blueprint schematic for your custom layout. The cost of the graphic design process is $85. Once the initial graphic design invoice has been paid, we will assign a graphics specialist to your project and begin working.

The graphic design cost is a one-time charge (per design). This cost is not applicable when Re-ordering gear which follows a previously established Enthrown design layout.

Production Details & FAQ


- How is my custom gear made?

Your custom gear is crafted by our highly-skilled production team, using sublimation to turn your design into a reality. Sublimated graphics are weightless, indistinguishable to the touch, and do not negatively impact the breathability or ventilation of your gear Like heat transfer vinyl or screen printing alternatives. The sublimation process embeds specialized inks deep within the fibers of your gear, eliminating the need to apply any special materials to the surface of the item. This method of printing is capable of designs that are far more complex, using a limitless array of colors without the potential for peeling, cracking, or degrading over time.


- How Long will my custom project take?


Turnaround time will depend on the scope of your project and the current workload of our production team, but the majority of our custom WORK can be completed within 6 weeks (following the approval of your design and payment of the invoice for your physical gear.). 

- Is there a minimum order quantity?


NOPE! Whether we're doing gear for an individual or an entire team, Enthrown is happy to get you #KITTED.

Discounted pricing is available starting at 5+ units. Please see the above "Pricing & availabitily" tab for additional info.

- How does the design process work?


Once you've submitted all of your project details using the "Start Your Custom Project" tab above, a member of our team will reach out to confirm your details and ideas. There is an $85 setup charge for all custom graphic layouts, which allows a dedicated design specialist to build out a complete product blueprint according to your specifications.

The setup charge is a one-time COST (per design). This cost is not applicable when Re-ordering gear which follows a previously established Enthrown print.

This process will take care of the overall layout of your gear, Including color scheme, organization / placement of existing pro-RES graphics & logo files, basic patterns, and segmentations. It does NOT include logo creation or illustration work.


- Will I get To see the custom gear layout prior to manufacturing?


Absolutey! We provide a detailed 4-angle rendering for your review and approval before moving into the production stage. if design alterations are requested, we can make adjustments and provide an updated rendering for final review. The setup charge includes up to (2x) minor revisions. If additional revisions are needed, we will discuss a plan and get your approval before any new charges are processed.


- How do I start my custom project?


To get your custom gear going, you can click the "Start Your Custom Project" tab above. Please complete the requested info fields and submit your project details. This will give our team an overview of what you're looking for, and will allow us to reach out so that we can help turn your vision into a reality!