That distinct feeling of wearing fresh threads. A new fit brings a special type of energy and confidence. We have a few suggestions to ensure your Enthrown collection stays looking & feeling it's absolute best, wear after wear & wash after wash.


You may hand-wash or machine-wash your Enthrown apparel. When washing, be sure to avoid detergents with harsh additives or bleach. We recommend grouping with like-colors.

To maximize protection of any graphics, wash your items inside-out (on the delicate setting, if machine-wash).


Heat is one of the primary sources of all apparel degradation. Excessive heat can alter fitment characteristics, fabric feel, dye pigmentation, and graphics. Although most of our lineup can be machine-dried, we recommend hang-drying / air-drying whenever possible.

If ironing is necessary, be sure not to place the heat source directly over top of any graphics. Take extra care when ironing delicate or sensitive fabrics. You may wish to test the iron on a very small, inconspicuous area of the garment first.